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"Disclosure Controls & Procedures: An In-House Perspective"

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2:00 - 2:45 pm, eastern [archive and transcript to follow]


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With disclosures being more closely scrutinized by regulators, shareholders, the media - and even the courts - the processes and procedures by which disclosure is drafted is more important than ever. Come hear a panel of experienced in-house counsel discuss the evolution of disclosure controls and procedures at their companies, as well as the techniques by which they help train others in their organization in an effort to ensure inadvertent disclosures aren't made - and that disclosures are full and accurate when made. Join:

  • Barbara Blackford, EVP, General Counsel and Secretary, Superior Essex
  • Doug Chia, Senior Counsel & Assistant Corporate Secretary, Johnson & Johnson
  • Carrie Darling, Assistant General Counsel and Asst. Secretary, CareFusion Corporation
  • Josh DeRienzis, VP, Legal Affairs and Corporate Secretary, PSS World Medical
  • Cindy Grimm, VP, Assistant General Counsel & Assistant Secretary, Texas Instruments
  • Isobel Jones, Associate General Counsel, Del Monte Foods

Among the topics of this program are:

  • What are examples of CEO/CFO certification processes, including sub-certification processes?
  • How are companies providing insider trading compliance training these days? How about Regulation FD compliance training?
  • What types of processes do companies use to draft disclosure? Composition of disclosure committees? Level of board involvement?
  • What are in-house lawyers doing to coordinate reviews of their disclosure with outside advisors? Does it depend on the type of SEC filing? And/or the type of disclosure?

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