Celebrating 35 Years

Special Law Firm Recognition
Celebrate 35 years of The Corporate Counsel!

Please join us in celebrating 35 years of The Corporate Counsel at the 35th Anniversary Gala in Chicago on September 20 (in conjunction with the "5th Annual Proxy Disclosure Conference," The "7th Annual Executive Compensation Conference" and the "18th Annual NASPP Conference").

The distinguished Hosting Committee is chaired by John Olson, Stan Keller and Herb Wander. Members of the Hosting Committee include: Alan Beller, Alan Dye, Ed Fleischman, Peggy Foran, Joe Grundfest, Keith Higgins, Roberta Karmel, Ron Mueller, Peter Romeo, Carl Schneider, Stan Sporkin.

To join in, a number of law firms and other friends will be posting Congratulatory Banners in the Conference Reception Hall—and on the 35th Gala Page on The Corporate Counsel.net. The celebrating/sponsoring law firms will also be listed on the Nationwide Video Webcast page for the “5th Annual Proxy Disclosure Conference," and the “7th Annual Executive Compensation Conference").

For more information, contact us at 925-685-5111 or email us.