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Survey Results: "Reporting Up" and QLCC Survey

Total Responses: 176

1. Has your company or law firm drafted a "reporting up" policy yet?
No, and we don't intend to 20 / 11.4%
Not yet, we are waiting for the SEC to decide about "reporting out" 43 / 24.4%
We are in the process of drafting a written policy 74 / 42%
Yes, we are done drafting a written policy 39 / 22.2%
2. Has your company or any client of yours formed a QLCC yet?
No, and we don't intend to (but might reconsider if the SEC requires "reporting out") 145 / 84.8%
Yes, and it's the audit committee 24 / 14%
Yes, and it's the governance/nominating committee 2 / 1.2%

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