Survey Results: Disclosure Controls and Disclosure Committees

This quick survey relates to the latest disclosure controls and disclosure committee trends. This new survey supplements the 2005 survey on disclosure committees.

1. Does your company have a formalized, written set of "Disclosure Controls & Procedures"? (Total responses: n=36)
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n=24 (66.67%) Yes
n=12 (33.33%) No

2. Have your company's Disclosure Controls & Procedures been formally updated and revised in the last year? (Total responses: n=36)
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n=11 (30.56%) Yes
n=10 (27.78%) No formal changes, but there have been some informal changes during the last year
n=15 (41.67%) No, there have been no changes in the last year

3. Does your company have a Disclosure Committee Charter? (Total responses: n=36)
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n=21 (58.33%) Yes
n=15 (41.67%) No
n=0 (0.00%) We don't have a formal Disclosure Committee

4. If there is a formal Disclosure Committee, who is the chairman of the Disclosure Committee? (Total responses: n=35)
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n=5 (14.29%) General Counsel
n=2 (5.71%) Securities Counsel
n=11 (31.43%) CFO
n=1 (2.86%) COO
n=9 (25.71%) Controller
n=0 (0.00%) Corporate Secretary
n=7 (20.00%) Other (please specify)