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Survey Results: Code of Ethics for Directors

1. Does your company have a separate Code of Ethics - one for your Board of Directors and a separate one for your employees? (Total responses: n=76)
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n=21 (27.63%) Yes
n=55 (72.37%) No

2. If you answered 'yes' to question #1, why do you have a separate Code for directors? (Total responses: n=22)
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n=3 (13.64%) Wanted to provide directors with a shorter code
n=4 (18.18%) Different policies/standards apply to directors and employees
n=3 (13.64%) Director code adopted solely to comply with SRO rules
n=10 (45.45%) Content of employee code is not applicable to directors (e.g., environmental compliance for manufacturing companies)
n=0 (0.00%) Wanted to provide a separate code for training purposes
n=2 (9.09%) Other

3. If you answered 'no' to question #1, if your company uses one code for both employees and directors, are you considering separating the two? (Total responses: n=56)
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n=4 (7.14%) Yes
n=52 (92.86%) No