Survey Results: Blogging Anniversary

With five years of blogging under his belt, Broc asks a few questions about how you might want to see the direction of his blog change:

I have been reading Broc's blog since: (Total responses: n=135)
(select only one)

n=56 (41.48%) Way back when Broc was blogging on (ie. 2002)
n=52 (38.52%) For two-three years
n=27 (20.00%) Just the past year

If I had my druthers, Broc would: (Total responses: n=136)
(select only one)
n=9 (6.62%) Never mention his personal life again
n=114 (83.82%) Mention his personal life occasionally, just as he does now
n=13 (9.56%) Blog more about his personal life (because it makes my life appear so much better in comparison)

On, I wish Broc would do more of these types of podcasts: (Total responses: n=124)
(select all that apply, may total more than 100%)
n=43 (34.68%) More podcasts about offering techniques
n=80 (64.52%) More podcasts about governance practices
n=86 (69.35%) More podcasts about disclosure analysis
n=78 (62.90%) More podcasts about latest legal developments
n=10 (8.06%) More podcasts of a human interest nature

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