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Survey Results: Voting Options for Registered Shareholders

It is our understanding that the SEC has asked transfer agents (and others that deal with registered shareholders) to ensure that - if their phone and Internet voting applications have a "vote with management" button - they must also have a "vote against management" button. As Broc has blogged, Broadridge will eliminate the "vote with..." button, encourage beneficial holders to vote on individual items, and indicate that if the holder clicks on "submit" without selecting any items individually, proxies and vote instructions will be cast in accordance with board recommendations.

1. At this time, our company intends to deal with registered shareholders by: (Total responses: n=33)
(select only one)
n=1 (3.03%) Including both "vote with" and "vote against" management buttons
n=11 (33.33%) Not including either "vote with" and "vote against" management buttons
n=0 (0.00%) Including just the "vote with" button (but not the "vote against" button)
n=13 (39.39%) Doing whatever our transfer agent (or whomever handles our registered holders) tells us
n=8 (24.24%) Not sure at this time