Survey Results: Pre-Approval Policies of Non-Audit Services

This survey is meant to evaluate the type of details provided about non-audit services to the audit committee, regardless if those details come from the company or the independent auditor:

1. In general, what level of detail is provided to the Audit Committee about the non-audit services provided by the company's independent auditor: (Total responses: n=21)

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n=19 (90.48%) In most cases, just a general description of the circumstances and nature of the services
n=2 (9.52%) In most cases, more detailed - like the sort that would be used in a "service level agreement"

2. Does the level of detail provided to the company's audit committee vary based on how far in advance the anticipated services being pre-approved?(Total responses: n=22)
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n=2 (9.09%) Yes, there is less detail for services to be provided further out - beyond the near future
n=20 (90.91%) No, the level of detail remains consistent regardless of when services are expected to be performed

3. Does your company take a different approach in the level of detail the Audit Committee receives in face-to-face meetings vs. pursuant to a written pre-approval policy?(Total responses: n=21)
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n=3 (14.29%) Yes, the audit committee gets more detail in face-to-face meetings
n=1 (4.76%) Yes, the audit committee gets less detail in face-to-face meetings
n=17 (80.95%) No, the audit committee gets the same level of detail in both face-to-face meetings and under a written pre-approval policy

4. Has your company delegated pre-approval authority between meetings to a particular member of the Audit Committee? (Total responses: n=22)
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n=19 (86.36%) Yes, and it's the Audit Committee Chairman
n=0 (0.00%) Yes, and it's the Audit Committee Financial Expert
n=1 (4.55%) Yes, and it's a sub-committee of the Audit Committee (i.e. more than one committee member)
n=2 (9.09%) No, there is no delegated pre-approval authority to act between meetings