Survey Results: Board Evaluations

1. When is your company’s board evaluation typically conducted: (select only one)
  Answer Responses Percent  
During the fiscal year in which board performance is evaluated 21 47.7%
Following the fiscal year, but before the proxy statement is filed 21 47.7%
Between the filing of the proxy statement and the annual meeting of shareholders 1 2.3%
We do not perform annual board evaluations 1 2.3%

2. In conducting board evaluations, some board use written questionnaires and some use oral interviews (or both). At our company, we use: (select only one)
  Answer Responses Percent  
Written questionnaires only 17 38.6%
Oral interviews only 13 29.5%
Both written questionnaires and oral interviews 14 31.8%

3. If written questionnaires are used in the board evaluation process, are copies retained: (select only one)
  Answer Responses Percent  
Yes 13 39.4%
No 20 60.6%

4. Who manages the board evaluation process: (select only one)
  Answer Responses Percent  
Non-executive board chair or lead director 5 11.4%
Chair of governance/nominating committee 11 25.0%
All members of the governance/nominating committee 3 6.8%
General counsel/other in-house counsel 15 34.1%
Outside counsel/consultant 9 20.5%
CEO 0 0.0%
Other 1 2.3%

5. Is a written report produced based upon the results of the board evaluation: (select only one)
  Answer Responses Percent  
Yes 22 51.2%
No 21 48.8%

6. How do the minutes reflect the board evaluation results: (select only one)
  Answer Responses Percent  
Brief summary of results, without including conclusions 18 40.9%
Brief summary of results, including conclusions 7 15.9%
In-depth details of the results 0 0.0%
Minutes do not reflect results 19 43.2%

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