Survey Results: Hedging Policy Disclosure

1. We're refining our hedging policies & practices in light of the new disclosure rule: (select only one)
  Answer Responses Percent  
Yes 21 22.1%
We considered it and decided not to 21 22.1%
We’ve seen no need to revisit our existing policy 53 55.8%

2. In our proxy, we’ll include disclosure about our hedging policies & practices: (select only one)
  Answer Responses Percent  
Only as part of the CD&A 52 55.9%
Outside of the CD&A, and also incorporated into it 18 19.4%
In both the CD&A (for NEOs only) and another part of the proxy (for everyone covered) 23 24.7%

3. To disclose our hedging policies & practices, we'll provide: (select only one)
  Answer Responses Percent  
Our full policy 7 7.4%
A "fair & accurate summary" 88 92.6%


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