Survey Results: Political Spending Oversight

1. Oversight of our company’s political spending is conducted by: (select only one)

  Answer Responses Percent  
Full board 3 12.5%
Board committee 14 58.3%
Committee consisting only of management 2 8.3%
Individual officer 4 16.7%
Other 1 4.2%

2. For those overseeing political spending, the type of information they get regarding actual contributions is organized by: (select only one)

  Answer Responses Percent  
Individual contributions 9 37.5%
Particular contributions (egs. sensitive races or large amounts) 0 0.0%
Aggregate breakdown (egs. total annual amount; amount by type of election; political party breakdowns, etc.) 11 45.8%
No information is provided about actual contributions 4 16.7%

3. If the board or a board committee is involved, their role is primarily: (select only one)

  Answer Responses Percent  
Ensure the process is sound from a governance perspective 12 54.5%
Ensure there is a process & that it’s followed 8 36.4%
Provide input on the amount or type of contributions 0 0.0%
Maximize the likelihood that contributions will be consistent with the company’s mission 2 9.1%

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