Survey Results: Disclosure Committees

Back in mid-2004, we conducted a survey on disclosure committees (here are the results) - we are now canvassing to see if practices have changed:

Our company: (Total responses: n=45)

(select only one)
n=44 (97.78%) has a disclosure committee
n=1 (2.22%) doesn't have a disclosure committee (if you check this box, you are done)

Our disclosure committee has: (Total responses: n=43)
(select only one)
n=16 (37.21%) more than 10 members
n=12 (27.91%) between 8-9 members
n=12 (27.91%) between 6-7 members
n=3 (6.98%) between 4-5 members
n=0 (0.00%) has less than 4 members

Our disclosure committee has the following types of members: (Total responses: n=44)
(select all that apply, may total more than 100%)
n=8 (18.18%) CEO
n=31 (70.45%) CFO
n=41 (93.18%) Controller
n=33 (75.00%) General Counsel
n=35 (79.55%) Securities Counsel
n=16 (36.36%) Compliance or Risk Management
n=34 (77.27%) Investor Relations Officer
n=30 (68.18%) Internal Auditor
n=22 (50.00%) Officer from a Business Unit
n=28 (63.64%) Other