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Survey Results: Voluntary E-Proxy

1. Does your company intend to use voluntary e-proxy this year?  (Total responses: n=77)
(select only one)

n=26 (33.77%) Yes
n=10 (12.99%) Maybe, not decided yet
n=37 (48.05%) No, but maybe next year
n=4 (5.19%) No, we will never use it since we intend to continue to send paper

2. If the answer to #1 is not "Yes," which of these reasons did the company consider?  (Total responses: n=51)
(select all that apply, may total more than 100%)
n=11 (21.57%) Concerned about reaching quorum
n=17 (33.33%) Timeframe is too tight to complete proxy materials
n=7 (13.73%) Timeframe is too tight because board/board committee meeting dates pre-set
n=10 (19.61%) Too many shareholders will want paper
n=38 (74.51%) Want to see how other companies fare with e-proxy

3. Even if the answer to #1 is not "Yes," please answer this as if you were doing e-proxy this year:

In the event that shareholders request paper, we intend to print this amount of proxy materials: (Total responses: n=69)

(select only one)
n=39 (56.52%) 7% or greater
n=12 (17.39%) 5-6%
n=4 (5.80%) 4%
n=2 (2.90%) 3%
n=1 (1.45%) 2%
n=5 (7.25%) Less than 2%
n=6 (8.70%) Print materials on demand (such as making Xerox copies)