Survey Results: Lead/Presiding Directors

1. Does your board have a lead or presiding director? (Total responses: n=32)
(select only one)
n=27 (84.38%) Yes
n=5 (15.63%) No

2. What is the term of the lead/presiding director? (Total responses: n=27)
(select only one)
n=7 (25.93%) 1 year
n=5 (18.52%) 2 years
n=3 (11.11%) 3-4 years
n=0 (0.00%) More than 4 years
n=12 (44.44%) Undetermined

3. Are there "term limits" for the lead/presiding director? (Total responses: n=27)
(select only one)
n=1 (3.70%) Yes
n=26 (96.30%) No

4. What are the responsibilities of the lead/presiding director (check all that apply): (Total responses: n=27)
(select all that apply, may total more than 100%)
n=23 (85.19%) Chairs non-management director meetings
n=22 (81.48%) Chairs executive sessions
n=16 (59.26%) Input on board agendas
n=19 (70.37%) Liaison between management and independent directors
n=9 (33.33%) Works on governance and compliance matters

5. Does the lead/presiding director receive extra compensation for these additional responsibilities? (Total responses: n=27)
(select only one)
n=11 (40.74%) Yes
n=16 (59.26%) No

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