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Women Governance Trailblazers with Liz & Courtney: Abby Adlerman (11/21/23)

In the latest episode of Women Governance Trailblazers, Courtney and Liz are joined by Abby Adlerman to discuss:

  1. Abby’s career journey in corporate governance & finance – as an accomplished investment banker, e-commerce startup founder, Managing Director at Russell Reynolds, and CEO and founder of Boardspan.
  2. Abby’s approach to keeping up with the dynamic corporate governance landscape, the biggest pivots that she has seen in the past few years, and what boards should be doing about AI.
  3. The nature of conversations Abby has with boards, and how that has changed over time.
  4. A usable framework for measuring culture at the board level.
  5. What Abby thinks women in the corporate governance field can add to the current conversation on the societal role of companies.




Liz Dunshee is a Senior Editor at CCRcorp and a Partner at Fredrikson & Byron P.A. 

Courtney Kamlet is VP, AGC and Corporate Secretary at Vontier Corporation 

Abby Adlerman is the CEO and Founder of Boardspan Inc. 

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