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Inside Track with Liz: Alan Smith on Virtual Board Meetings (12/28/20)


Alan Smith

Alan Smith is the Chair of Fenwick & West's Corporate Group

Alan Smith is the Chair of Fenwick & West's Corporate Group. In this podcast, we discuss what steps boards and advisors can take to ensure that virtual board meetings are properly structured and worthwhile. Topics include:

  • What special issues exist for boards of directors who are meeting in a virtual format
  • What should board advisors be doing to ensure that the board meetings are secure from a technology perspective and that all document retention policies are being followed for notes or recordings
  • What are some effective practices to encourage the type of dialogue and interaction that boards would have at an in-person meeting
  • Beneficial "virtual" practices that could continue after the pandemic
  • Recommended steps for companies who are bringing on one or more directors while we're in this environment - either because they're newly public or just because of regular
  • Traps for the unwary that board advisors should be watching for

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