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Women Governance Trailblazers with Liz & Courtney: Allison Herren Lee (2/20/24)

In the latest episode of Women Governance Trailblazers, Courtney and Liz are joined by Allison Herren Lee to discuss:

  1. Allison’s career path – including what drew her to becoming a securities lawyer and what she's doing now.
  2. Surprises that Allison experienced when she transitioned from being an SEC Staffer to being a Commissioner.
  3. Allison's proudest moment as a Commissioner.
  4. Allison's thoughts on how the Commission can balance the goals of investor protection and consistent disclosure with the risk of pushing capital formation to private markets.




Liz Dunshee is a Senior Editor at CCRcorp and a Partner at Fredrikson & Byron P.A. 

Courtney Kamlet is VP, AGC and Corporate Secretary at Vontier Corporation 

Allison Herren Lee is former Acting Chair and Commissioner at the SEC, Of Counsel at Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto, and a Senior Research Fellow at NYU Law 

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