We Give You "Five Good Reasons" to Register for the Conference Now!

To accomplish our goal of helping our members learn the practical ways to implement the new Rule 144 requirements, we list five reasons why you should attend the "New Rule 144: Everything You Need to Know ? And Do NOW" Conference:

  1. You Will Learn How to Implement the New Rule Requirements ? Not only will this comprehensive half-day conference provide everything you will need to know about the new rule requirements, it will focus on what you need to do to implement them. Our experts will give you loads of practice pointers to ensure you can hit the ground running.
  2. You Will Have Your Hand Held When You Need It Most ? The principal benefit of this Conference is that you will have access to the wealth of information provided by this Conference (i.e. the video archive plus the course materials) at your side at all times?especially when you are actually sitting down to tackle insider transactions impacted by the rule changes!
  3. You Will Learn from the Foremost Experts ? Each panel is filled with the practitioners best known for insider transactions - Jesse Brill, Alan Dye and Bob Barron have well over a century of Rule 144 experience among them!
  4. Your Budget Will Not Take a Beating ? As a "thank you" to our members, this Conference is priced at a fraction of what other conferences cost these days. And the savings are much greater if more than one person from your organization plans to attend?in fact, everyone in the entire firm can attend?and have ongoing access to the video archive and critical course materials!
  5. Practical, Practical, Practical ? Like all our conferences, you will learn all the latest practices that are being implemented (or should be implemented), with the primary focus on practical "how to implement" pointers rather than just rehash what the new rule changes actually are.

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