"1/2 Price for Rest of '19" Renewal to The Corporate Executive

Stay on top of executive compensation developments:

  • Only The Corporate Executive identifies the latest best practices for your executive compensation program—as well as advice on the now required pay ratio disclosures—providing you with everything you need to know to implement critical changes.
  • Upcoming issues of The Corporate Executive will tell you what works—and traps to avoid—when trying to make the most of your stock plans and other compensation programs.
  • Add a subscription to The Corporate Counsel for a special rate—and get added guidance on proxy disclosure, compliance & corporate governance issues. Because our readers do not want to wait two months between issues, and because most of our readers already subscribe to both The Corporate Executive and The Corporate Counsel, we continue to blur the lines, providing guidance from one issue to the next. There will be no overlap. You will need both to keep abreast of the ongoing developments and our guidance.

Here are our 2019 rates: (Special "1/2 Price for Rest of '19")

  • $1195 $600 – for a single subscription
  • $1139 $570 – special rate (for those that also are The Corporate Counsel subscribers)
  • $245 $125 – Additional copies (to same addressee)
  • Online access to over 20 years of Back Issues of The Corporate Executive – available to those that are subscribers to both TheCorporateCounsel.net and The Corporate Executive 1
           * Add $10 shipping and handling ($60 if outside the US)

How to Renew: You can renew by one of three methods:

  1. Credit card online
  2. Fax/Mail this order form with credit card authorization
  3. Mail this order form with a check. Make your check payable to EP Executive Press, Inc.

If you have any questions, please email us at info@thecorporatecounsel.net or call us at 512.485.1288. Please note that all subscriptions are on a calendar year basis.


1Please note that access to the Back Issues of the hard-copy print publications – The Corporate Counsel and The Corporate Executive – requires you to have subscriptions to those print publications for each location as well as a membership to TheCorporateCounsel.net. These Back Issues reside on TheCorporateCounsel.net. We reserve the right – at any time – to refuse access to these Back Issues if your firm cancels or does not renew any subscriptions to these hard copy publications.