2020 No-Risk Trial: TheCorporateCounsel.net

Here are "Twelve Good Reasons" why you should join our community now:

  1. Practical Guidance, Practical Guidance, Practical Guidance—When it comes to practical guidance, we know how badly you need it—and strive to provide it in each and every way with the content on our websites. Providing practical guidance is our mantra—and permeates everything we do.
  2. Numerous Handbooks & Checklists—We have dozens of comprehensive Handbooks and well over 200 checklists posted.
  3. Loads of Expert Advice—Through our monthly webcast programs and regular "Inside Track with Broc" interviews, we reach out to the experts in our community—and have them share their insights on timely topics.
  4. The Most Timely News—News—"Broc's Daily Blog" is a treasure trove keeping abreast of the latest developments. Brief and to the point—with links to more information—this is among the most popular features of our websites. There are 4 other blogs including the "Proxy Season Blog," "The Mentor Blog," "Broc Tales" & Broc's Video Blog."
  5. Our Popular Monthly E-Minders—Our monthly e-mail newsletter is highly regarded as succinctly providing news and practical guidance on a timely basis.
  6. Specialized Areas of Content—Even the best search engines rarely pull up the information you need, so we continue to build our "Practice Areas" —now numbering over 500 of them!—so that you can find a host of resources on narrow discrete topics—all on one page.
  7. Sample Document Library—For practical guidance, nothing can be more helpful as a starting point than to see how others have actually done it.
  8. Interactive Q&A Forums—We have a number of discussion forums on our sites—moderated by experts—to help answer your questions, on an anonymous basis or otherwise. We also maintain a forum devoted solely to Rule 144 issues.
  9. Oodles of the Best Law Firm Memos—No easy task, we promptly post the best law firm memos—and we have posted thousands of them! Some of these memos are not posted anywhere else on the Web.
  10. Back Issues of The Corporate Counsel and The Corporate Executive—Last, but not least, for subscribers of these beloved publications (who also subscribe to TheCorporateCounsel.net), we provide online access to fully “word-searchable” copies of the back copies—going back decades.
  11. "In-House Accelerator" Training Module—Access to the "In-House Accelerator" training module, which includes the ability to order a free copy of "The In-House Accelerator" paperback.
  12. "101 Pro Tips" Paperback—Ability to order a free copy of the "101 Pro Tips - Career Advice for the Ages" paperback.

How much is it? Here are our 2020 Rates:

  • Single User - $2085
  • Up to 5 Users (at one offic address) - $5385
  • Single Office Location (unlimited number of users at one location only) - $7395
    ** We separately negotiate "firmwide use" licenses with law firms. Among the many benefits of firmwide use is the ability to have access to our site through your intranet without anyone having to hassle with user ids and passwords. If interested in a firmwide license, call our headquarters at 800-737-1271.

How do I pay? We have three ways for you to pay:

  1. Credit card online
  2. Fax/mail this order form with a credit card authorization for payment
  3. Mail this order form with a check. Please make your check payable to CCRcorp.

1Please note that access to the Back Issues of the hard-copy print publications - The Corporate Counsel and The Corporate Executive - requires you to have subscriptions to those print publications for each location. These Back Issues reside on TheCorporateCounsel.net. We reserve the right - at any time - to refuse access to these Back Issues if your firm cancels or does not renew any subscriptions to these hard copy publications.