"101 Pro Tips - Career Advice for the Ages" Paperback

For those new to the practice of securities law & corporate governance, check out our 180-page paperback - entitled "101 Pro Tips - Career Advice for the Ages" - that provides practical guidance in ten different areas including: career development, getting paid, work skills, educating yourself, handling assignments & more. Here's the "Table of Contents."

How Much Is It?

  • "101 Pro Tips - Career Advice for the Ages" Paperback - $195. You can order online.
  • This book is free for members of TheCorporateCounsel.net - Please contact our HQ at sales@ccrcorp.com or 800-737-1271 to request your complimentary copy.

Here's what one of our members had to say about this practical book:

We have a new associate starting at our firm next Monday. I ordered your "101 Pro Tips" book with the intent of having it on her desk for her first day at work and took a quick spin through it yesterday. I've been in practice for 35 years and thought it was spot on. There were a lot of really good insights. The ones that have resonated the most with me, were:

  • Taking command of email headings and renaming email threads
  • Taking ownership
  • Over-communicating
  • Caring about your clients (and the demands on their time)
  • Don't talk on the phone (when at all possible—and I would add, don't schedule meeting unless you have to)
  • Being succinct

I really appreciate that Broc and John took the time to pass on their thoughts to help the next generation.