"101 Pro Tips – Career Advice for the Ages": Testimonials

Have to admit I was skeptical. Never been big on "advice" books. But I couldn't put it down after reading the first page. I've now ordered copies for two of my friends. After all, they're free.

AmLaw 200 firm

I don't have much time to train our interns or new lawyers. Was pleasantly surprised at how easy to read and practical it was. I'm giving a copy to all of our summer interns – as well as everyone on our team who's early in their career. The price is right, too: free!

VP & Corporate Secretary
Fortune 500 company

I've been in practice for three years and thought it was spot on – lots of really good insights. Tremendously encouraging. A great read for someone with a lack of free time & a limited budget.

Assistant GC
Russell 3000 company

I've been running our firm's summer program for longer than I'd care to admit. It's been hard to find resources that give the type of practical advice that our new lawyers want. But this is a rare find. Chock-full of good information. We've ordered copies for all of our summer & first-year associates. And we're even thinking of using it as a conversation-starter for our firm-wide mentorship & training groups (it's crazy that it's free). The tips that I like the most for our summer associates are:

#2: Be Ready at All Times

#34: Limit Your Career-Limiting Moves

#45: This Stuff Is Hard (Even for the Experts)

#67: Be as Succinct as Possible

#81: Do Your Homework Before Asking Questions

#84: If There's a Mistake, Speak Up

#95: Time Entry – Think of the Client Reading the Bill

Director of Legal Recruiting
AmLaw 200 firm

We have a new associate starting at our firm next Monday. So I ordered "101 Pro Tips" to have it on her desk for the first day of work. I took a quick spin through and wound up reading most of it. Confirmed a lot of what I've advised myself – and learned some new tidbits.

Senior Partner
AmLaw 100 firm