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Spreecast: "Crafting SEC Rulemaking Comment Letters"

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

1:00 - 1:15 pm, eastern [archive to follow]

Come watch Hunton & Williams' Scott Kimpel and Bass Berry's Jay Knight describe how to best craft a persuasive comment letter on a SEC rulemaking. Here is where you will access this live spreecast at that time - it will be not up on like a traditional webcast (nor will there be a transcript).

Here are FAQs about what to do:

- What is a "Spreecast"?

A "spreecast" is an interactive video conversation that can have up to four people on screen at once, can be broadcasted live to an unlimited amount of viewers and is recorded and archived to watch later. Not only are speakers on screen, but all the participants can chat with each other - or write questions to the speakers. Each spreecast has its own unique and shareable URL.

- How to Participate

To watch a spreecast, you sign up simply with an email address - note that you can sign up by using an email address by clicking the "Or sign up via email" link in the upper right hand side of the site (it's in small print under the "Connect with Facebook" logo). [It's actually possible to watch a spreecast live without signing up - you will just have to close a prompt to sign in when it pops up.]

You may want to "RSVP" for the spreecasts you are interested in - this will send you a reminder just before the program goes live.

Once signing up, you then have an account with Spreecast, which you can then choose to build out your profile only if you want (eg. upload picture or image and brief description of yourself). This is all free. You can always deactivate a Spreecast account if you wish.

- How to Catch an Archived Spreecast

If you're unable to catch a spreecast live, it will be archived. Not only will you be able to watch an archive of the video discussion, but also all the chatting that took place during the spreecast.

- How to Submit a Question

The blue "Submit Question" button allows anyone to submit a question, comment, or link to external media. Doing this will add an item to the screen queue - but doesn't guarantee that the speakers will answer that question of course. Note that submitting a question is not the same thing as chatting with the other participants - the "Submit Question" button is just below the area where chatting occurs.

- How to Chat with Other Participants

There is a black "chat area" to the right of the video player. Any participant can chat here. All chats will be visible to all of the participants. Note that chatting is different than asking a question.

- "Invite" Others to Participate

You can invite others to watch the spreecast. You can send invitations via email (or to your Facebook friends). And I appreciate it if you do!

- What is a "Face Card"?

When you participate in a live spreecast, your "face card" will show up below the speakers that are being shown on video. If you uploaded an image (eg. picture) as part of your profile, that image will be your face card. Any other participant can click on your face card, so they can see your profile and "follow" you.

- "Following" on Spreecast

You can follow other users on Spreecast from their face card or their profile page. When you follow a user, you will receive emails every time they create a public spreecast. When two people follow each other, Spreecast considers them "buddies" and adds them to each other's "buddy list."

- Anybody Can Go "On Camera"

Since up to four people can be shown online during a spreecast, you can request to join "on camera" by clicking the blue "Camera" button during a live spreecast. In other words, pressing the "Camera" button enables your camera (if you have a webcam) and sends a request to the producer that you would like to join on air. Of course, whether you go on camera is completely up to you.

- How Do I Know If I'm "On Air"

"On Air" means that the spreecast has started and is live. On Air participants are speakers who are placed in one of the four screen quadrants - and their face cards have a red border that says "on air" at the top.

- Adjusting Your Microphone

If you are a speaker, the button located at the bottom of the video player is where you have the ability to adjust your microphone volume. Raise or lower volume by moving the green bar. Press the button to mute.