Frequently Asked Questions

Join top practitioners to get the latest practical tips about executive pay, governance & disclosure at our pair of full-day Conferences: "Proxy Disclosure Conference" and the "17th Annual Executive Compensation Conference." Below are some frequently asked questions:

  1. Can I attend the Conferences even though I am not a member of or
  2. Yes, you can attend the Conferences at the same rate as members. See FAQ #2 below.

  3. Is there a member discount on conference rates if I am a member of or
  4. No. Anyone can attend at our low rates.

  5. When will you know what days the Conferences will be held and who will be speaking at the Conferences?
  6. The Conferences will be held on September 21st, 22nd and 23rd by Live Video Webcast (and archived if you have a conflict on any of those dates).

    Here are the agendas for the conferences. Those who listen to our webcasts on and know the caliber of our content. We carefully select our speakers so that practical & essential guidance is the order of the day. If you're involved with drafting proxy disclosures or participate in setting or documenting executive compensation, you'll leave with tips that you won't get anywhere else.

  7. How much do the Conferences cost?
  8. Here are our Conference Package Rates. There is one cost for the pair of full-day Conferences. If you need any assistance with your registration, please contact us at or 800.737.1271 (this phone number is operative between 9:30 am - 7 pm Eastern time).

  9. What are the differences between the "Proxy Disclosure Conference" on September 21st and 22nd and the "17th Annual Executive Compensation Conference" that will be held on September 23rd?
  10. The "Proxy Disclosure Conference" is a 2-day conference that focuses on how to effectively comply with the SEC's executive compensation disclosure rules and is a must for anyone involved with drafting or reviewing proxy disclosures.

    The "17th Annual Executive Compensation Conference" is an intensive one-day conference that focuses on how to put your best foot forward for say-on-pay and how to implement responsible executive compensation practices. The "17th Annual Executive Compensation Conference" will impart guidance on how to draft and review proxy compensation disclosures - but there also will be guidance provided on a wider variety of practices, such as what compensation committees should be doing now.

  11. Can I pay for just one of the Conferences if I don't want to attend both?
  12. The "Proxy Disclosure/17th Annual Executive Compensation Conferences" are a three-day event, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, September 21st-23rd, and are bundled together for registration and pricing. We make the "17th Annual Executive Compensation Conference" available to anyone who registers for the "Proxy Disclosure Conference" because it is rare that those involved in proxy disclosure drafting and review would not also significantly benefit from the guidance about compensation committee governance and responsible pay practices that will be shared during the "17th Annual Executive Compensation Conference."

  13. What are the benefits of getting a Firmwide license for the Conferences?
  14. With the stakes so high now for those involved with drafting proxy disclosures and establishing pay practices, many companies and law firms are taking advantage of the Firmwide license for the Live Video Webcast. This allows all of your staff and outside directors to access the Conferences from any location. Even if you've already purchased a Single User or Single Location license, you can still upgrade to a Firmwide license and receive a credit for any money you have already paid.

  15. If I plan to watch the webcast by video webcast, what type of equipment and connection will I need?
  16. Here's what you'll need to watch the video on your desktop or mobile device:

    A. You will need one of the following "players" to access the video webcast HTML5 or Flash Player. You can click here to check your system settings. The HTML5 player is supported by most web browsers. Please note that the Flash Player requires a plugin be installed in your browser. Downloading and/or installing the software may require permission from your IT department.

    B. You need approximately 600k of continuous incoming bandwidth in order to view a panel through a 500k link. If that high level of bandwidth is not available for you, your player will either not open - or it will continuously buffer (ie. freeze). If you experience this type of problem, it is highly recommended that you switch to a 300k link to watch the video.

    C. If you are still unable to access the archive, contact your IT department.

  17. How do I access the video archives of the conferences?
  18. Members of or who register for the Conferences will be able to access the conference archives until July 31, 2021 by using their existing login credentials. Or, if you've registered for the Conferences but are not a member, we will send login information to access the conference footage on or

  19. For how long will I have access to the video/audio archives of the Conferences?
  20. If you register for the Conferences, you will have access to the video/audio archives of the Conferences until July 31, 2021.

  21. What if I can't watch the Conferences because I am too busy that day?
  22. We will be archiving every single minute of the Conferences - so you can go back and watch the Conferences at any time until July 31, 2021.

  23. Can I earn continuing education credit for attending the Conference?
  24. Lawyers can earn CLE for most states if they attend our Conferences live - and certain states also allow credit for live attendance by video webcast. As we get closer, we will post a list of states for which the Conferences are accredited. If you have CLE questions, send them to Here are FAQs about CLE.

  25. What's the difference between the "Proxy Disclosure Conference" & "17th Annual Executive Compensation Conference"?
  26. The "Proxy Disclosure Conference" is the first two days of a three-day bundled conference presented by and It occurs on Monday and Tuesday, September 21st and 22nd. The third day of this event is the "17th Annual Executive Compensation Conference," on Wednesday, September 23rd. You can register here for our pair of full-day Conferences, which will allow you to attend this day of programming via Live Video Webcast and will also allow you to access the webcast archives.

  27. Will written transcripts of the panels from the Conferences be made available?
  28. No. However, a video archive of each panel will be available - something that is not available for most other conferences. We also make sure our Course Materials are practical.

  29. Can I ask questions before, during or after the Conferences?
  30. Yes, members can post questions on the Q&A Forums of or at any time, which can be anonymous. In the alternative, you can e-mail questions to

    Due to limited available time, we're unable to include Q&A as part of our formal panels. But our panelists will be helping to answer questions posted in the Q&A Forums.

  31. What is your cancellation policy?
  32. All registrations are non-refundable.

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